About Us

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, by coming to this site (no pun intended) you are probably wondering what got you here... Well,  let me explain a bit about how the "Cum Cloth" came to be.... Every entrepreneur has a dream and with those dreams so comes the hills and valleys, the ups and downs (no pun intended) of ideas and creativity.

The Cum Cloth was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida a few summers ago.. actually it was probably born with Adam and Eve and a fig leaf but until now, it was never known as the "Cum Cloth".

After an evening of intimacy, the cuddling conversation evolved around cleansing in those sensitive areas. Shy of using a sock, sheet or T-shirt, the idea for a soft cloth or a soothing cleansing wipe propagated itself to front and center.... thus the "Cum Cloth"


Ordering the original "Cum Cloth" is secure and easy through PayPal. Look for us at your next Passion Party, Local Fun Store or Gentleman's Club.  Personalized embroidery upon request.. for a slight additional cost.

Shoot us an email with any questions, thoughts, or concerns you may have.

Looking forward to being part of your next Intimate Encounter ~Wherever That May Be~

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